i’m afraid if i have a baby i’ll forget about everything else
Adam reading

figure painting by Kate Schneider: http://katchowder.tumblr.com/

hey i did that cool hee hee

definitely peaked in seventh grade

the thing that troubles/delights me most about this is that I knew it was picture day. I dressed like this for picture day. 
porch in the sun

drawing from life connects my brain to my eye to my hand to the subject

its a richer experience than drawing from my mind. when i draw from my mind a part of my brain works with my hand but I don’t feel connected to or challenged by the world around me in the same way.

i want to make more comics that are from life.

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adam and his book
cat on the patio
cat and chairs
our porch
leggy plant in pot
summertime blërgness
my comic for the altcomix comic challenge with a script